Late Season Food Source

Midwest Whitetail • January 19, 2023

During late season, most people are thinking food is king. When I mean food, I'm talking about corn and beans. That's what most people are thinking, but one food source that is seriously overlooked is a green food source and, with these warmer temps that we've been having, the deer have really been hitting green very hard.

But I'm not just talking about green in general. When I say green I mean clover plots, alfalfa plots, rye plots. There are other ways to find that green food source and one way that I found over the past few years is checking CRP fields that are mowed, or just CRP fields in general.

There's a lot of volunteer clover, a lot of volunteer alfalfa out there still and these deer are using it while transitioning out to their big AG. So, when the late season weather is warmer like it has been this year, make sure you don't overlook those areas because they can still produce some really good hunts.

Hopefully this tip helps, and best of luck!

--Midwest Whitetail