NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter Review

Midwest Whitetail • March 23, 2023

We'd like to tell you about a piece of gear we use a lot this time of year in the spring turkey woods. Over the course of 12 or more years of bow hunting turkeys, through trial and error, through a lot of broadheads, and a lot of experimentation, one broadhead we've found to be tried-and-true is the Spitfire Gobber Getter by NAP. It has a distinctive design that we find both appealing and effective.

When bow hunting turkeys, we don't want an arrow that zips right through a turkey. We want the broadhead to catch and do more damage because a turkey has such a small vital area. One of the unique aspects of the NAP broadhead design is, instead of a razor-sharp tip like most broadheads have, their broadhead utilizes a shock-inducing tip. It's more like a bullet point that creates a lot of knockdown power when it hits the bird. It also provides the three-blade cut like a normal broadhead with three mechanical ultra-sharp Diamize® blades.

If you're chasing turkeys this spring with the bow and in the market for a new broadhead, check out the NAP mechanical broadheads at MidwayUSA.

--Midwest Whitetail