Stowing Trail Cams

Midwest Whitetail • January 19, 2023

I have a quick tip for you regarding trail cameras, something I've had a lot of success with over the past few years. It's really important for me that I get the most out of my money and that means making trail cameras last more than one season -- two, three, four if I can get them to. I'd love to have 10 seasons out of them. I buy quality products and I like them to last.

One thing I've started doing is using stowing totes at the end of the year. Every year when I pull my cameras down, I do a couple of important things. First thing, I take all the batteries out before I stow my cameras for the year. What that does is get rid of any chance of corrosion as they sit for a couple of months while not in use.

The second thing I do, before I actually stow the cameras, is disassemble them to their most basic form. For these Cuddebacks, I take the antenna all the way off. In case the cams move around in the tote the antennas won't snap off, and are less likely to become damaged. Two really easy things to get a lot more years out of your camera.

To try to preserve the trail cams for multiple seasons, I store them in a safe tote that really cuts down on potential moisture, which is not good for electronics. The tote keeps them well organized and damage-free when I'm in the garage.

To sum up: take all the batteries out, disassemble the camera as far as possible, and stow them in a safe tote.

--Midwest Whitetail