Thermacell Repellant Review

Midwest Whitetail • March 16, 2023

One product we refuse to go without, especially when we're in the woods down south, is a Thermacell. These little units are incredible for keeping the mosquitoes and the gnats off your skin. They run on a small butane cylinder, as well as a little pad with repellent that burns off. Each cylinder is good for about four hours of run time, so that'll get you just about through a hunt--especially when the bugs are really bad at first and last light. We literally refuse to go the woods without it down south, but it's great to have anywhere in the country. They're very inexpensive and they last several years. We got the hunt pack that includes the carrying case with a clip that's pretty nifty. If you're looking to keep the bugs off and make your life a lot easier in the turkey woods, check out the Thermacell!

--Midwest Whitetail