Top 3 Items to Keep in Your Turkey Vest

Midwest Whitetail • March 20, 2023

We'd like to talk a bit about the turkey call arsenal we keep in our turkey vest. These are the top 3 most important:

First and foremost, we like to keep a diaphragm call, also known as a mouth call, in our vest. We like it because it's hands-free. It allows you to maneuver with your gun or do whatever you need with your hands because you can keep the call in your mouth and operate it without your hands.

Second, we also like to keep a pot call, a type of friction call, in our vest. The big con of a pot call is losing the freedom of using your hands, as it requires both hands to operate. However, the pro to that call is that you can adjust the volume levels of your calling. If you feel like you need to be a little softer, or if you need to increase call volume to penetrate through the wind, this call allows you to do both.

Lastly, we always keep a fan in case we're using multiple calls and different sounds and the turkey thinks there's more than one hen there. Sometimes those toms are still stubborn, so we like to put a fan in our vest and use it in those states that allow it. It's just one more thing to give you the edge on those old toms when they are hesitant about coming in. Just this morning we had that opportunity and used the fan and were able to get that tom in and get the job done.

If you're interested in packing your vest and want some advice on what to put in there, we highly recommend a good diaphragm call, a good friction call, and, if your state allows, a fan. Keep it in your vest; we're certain you'll get the upper edge on that tom.

--Midwest Whitetail