Top 5 Antler Shed Hunting Tips

Midwest Whitetail • March 08, 2023

As we get into the prime part of shed season, here are Midwest Whitetail's top five tips for shed hunting this time of year.

  1. Always check south-facing slopes; they're a great place deer love to bed. The sun hits there most of the day this time of year, and when we have cold days, the deer want to lay in the sun. A lot of times you will find sheds laying there where they're going out towards food.
  2. Consider the bed-to-feed pattern. The deer are trying to spend the least calories day-to-day and keep their body weight up through the winter and colder months, so they're going to move as little as possible. Their patterns are going to be direct from their bedding location to their feeding location, or little areas like terraces along fields, or brushy waterways. These are great places to check for shed hunting.
  3. There's never really a bad time to shed hunt--but overcast days or dreary days when there's a slight drizzle can is best. Colors pop more on overcast days without the sunlight to wash them out, and antlers are no exception. Go through the forecast and pick the best overcast days to shed hunt.
  4. A great pair of binoculars can save you a lot of leg time in open areas. If you see an object with your naked eye that might be the tip of an antler, the binoculars can help you reach a verdict without having to travel further in the direction of the object. We are currently using the Bushnell Prime Binocular and feel this is a great binocular at an affordable price point.
  5. Last but not least, simply put the miles in. If you spend more time walking good areas where you know the deer are frequent, your chances can only go up.

Good luck with your shed hunting this year!

--Midwest Whitetail