Turkey Bow Hunting Shot Placement Tip

Midwest Whitetail • March 21, 2023

We love bow-hunting turkeys, but we can't deny it - it's challenging. Of course, the most challenging aspect is making a good shot. You have such a small vital area to work with and it can appear to change locations based on the birds strutting. Having a good understanding of the vitals and where to place your arrow is absolutely critical and that's probably the biggest thing that turns people off from bow hunting. Whether it's a bad experience, bad shot placement, or wounding a bird, we've been there and experienced it.

Over time, we've developed the patience to wait for the shot we want. We have a favorite spot to shoot a bird with a bow and that is broadside to slightly quartering. If that bird is strutting at all (if they're in the decoys they probably are), even if it's a quarter strut, half strut, or full strut, their feathers make a little bull's eye for you where three come together to form a little triangle, especially when they're quartering to you.

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It provides a nice little aiming spot so you don't have to do any guesswork on where the vitals are. If you hit that spot, that turkey's not going anywhere. That shot is worth the wait--and if a turkey is in the decoys, you likely have time to wait for it.

If you're patient, wait for your shot, and know where to place that arrow, bow hunting turkeys can be a lot of fun!

--Midwest Whitetail