Turkey Bow Hunting Setup Tip

Midwest Whitetail • March 23, 2023

For bowhunters who prefer to run and gun, here's a quick tip on bowhunting turkeys that you might try out if you haven't already. Your head and shoulders can really stick out to a bird, so find a larger tree and sit behind it rather than out in front of it. It can really help break up your outline. Otherwise, a good blowdown or similar type of thick cover you find can do the same job. Whether you're a right or left-handed shooter, try to set up on the side of the tree with your body facing toward the tree trunk. That allows you to draw back behind the tree further while remaining concealed. Another thing that helps is to bring a little bow stand with you. It keeps the bow up and ready at all times and it can minimize movement when you go to pick up your bow. Hopefully, this helps if you're looking to do some run and gun bow hunting for turkeys! It's definitely hard, but it's a fun challenge for sure.

--Midwest Whitetail