Turkey Hunting Blind Tip

By Midwest Whitetail • March 17, 2023

Here is a quick, easy, and affordable way to conceal yourself on the go for turkey season! All you need is a sheet of camo burlap or netting and two wooden dowels a little longer than the height of your netting. Cut the sheet of burlap to the length you think you'll need; we made ours about four feet wide. Sharpen one end of each wooden dowel for staking in the ground. Simply tie the two corners at each end of the netting to a dowel, making sure the sharp end of both dowels is pointing in the same direction. That's all there is to it! Now you have a light and portable blind that can be scrolled up for transport. It weighs next to nothing and can fit in the side of your turkey vest.

In addition to making a good portable blind for yourself, this can be really useful for taking a youth hunter with you. If you've got a juvenile hunter sitting right beside you, you can stake this thing in to make concealment easier.

--Midwest Whitetail