Turkey Nugget Recipe

Midwest Whitetail • March 16, 2023

We're down to our last pack of wild turkey breasts from this past season... and we know just what we're going to do with it! Here's our favorite turkey nugget recipe. It's super simple:

  • Take a full breast and cube it up into one and a half to two-inch cubes.
  • Let the cubes sit in buttermilk and a cup of pickle juice overnight. What those two will do is tenderize the meat and help it hold in a lot of those really good juices.
  • After you let the meat sit in that buttermilk and pickle juice for about 24 hours, take them out and bread them in a mixture of regular flour and a little bit of creole seasoning to give it a little bit of spice. No egg wash needed.
  • Deep fry that in a little bit of oil, either in a skillet or in the deep fryer.

We promise this is going to be a fan favorite!

--Midwest Whitetail