Where You Should Put Your Trail Cams for Turkey Season

Midwest Whitetail • April 06, 2023

If your go-to trail cam placement for turkey season is strut zones, here's an additional or alternate placement idea. We don't always put our trail cams on strut zones. For us, a big part of turkey hunting is trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together to find out how these birds use their property. This season, we keyed in on an area where we'd seen birds several times and suspected it might be where they'd been dusting. Sure enough, when we got over here, we found four dustbowls and all kinds of turkey droppings all up the fence row! That told us that the birds are loafing in this area in the middle of the day, especially when the sun gets up because the cedar trees in this spot add a ton of shade to the ground.

Rather than keying in on those strut zones, finding out details like this can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together when those birds are tight-lipped and give you more opportunity to get a long beard.

--Midwest Whitetail