Woodhaven Ninja Pot Call Review

Midwest Whitetail • March 16, 2023

Hey, MidwayUSA turkey hunters! We'd like to share one of our favorite Woodhaven pot calls and that's the Ninja. It's a pretty awesome call. One thing we like in particular is that it comes with a black rubber cover for the top of the glass to protect it from any kind of moisture buildup when you're runnin' and gunnin,' chasing turkeys on hot spring days.

But most of all, they just sound great. On windy days when you feel like you can't get your call sound to travel far enough, these calls do a really good job of penetrating that wind.

If you're in the market for a pot call or any kind of turkey call, we encourage you to go check them out at MidwayUSA!

--Midwest Whitetail