12 Gauge Ammunition

Cartridge Hall of Fame

The 12 gauge is the world's most popular shotgun shell. Introduced about 1866, over half the world shotguns are 12 gauge. Like other shotgun gauges, its name is derived from the number of pure lead balls of bore diameter it takes to weigh one pound, in this case, twelve.

Originally designed with a brass case, the inside components included powder, over powder wad, a cushion wad, shot, and an overshot wad. Today’s ammunition uses a plastic hull with a brass rim and a single plastic wad.

Parker was one of the first American companies to offer shotguns in 12 gauge. Every shotgun manufacturer offers a gun in 12 gauge, including single shot, pumps, and semi-automatics.

While the most popular 12 gauge load consists of a 1 1/8 oz shot in a 2 3/4 inch shell. Today's 12 gauge ammunition offering is staggering from birdshot, to waterfowl, to buckshot, to slugs. The 12 gauge is easily the world's most versatile cartridge.

The 12 gauge shotgun shell, another unanimous selection for the Cartridge Hall of Fame.