25-20 Winchester Ammunition

Cartridge Hall of Fame

Winchester introduced the 25-20 Winchester Centerfire around 1895 for the popular Winchester Model 1892 lever action rifle. The 25-20 is considered a low power cartridge, generating only around 400 foot-pounds of energy.

Named from the old convention of bullet caliber over grains of powder, the 25-20 is a 25 caliber bullet over 20 grains of black powder. The cartridge features a rimmed bottleneck design, the rim being used to headspace the cartridge.

The most popular gun chambered for the 25-20 Winchester is the Winchester Model 92. Although, many other lever action and bolt action rifles fired this round.

While most factory loadings are only available with an 85 or 86 grain lead bullet, hand loaders have the option of loading 60 to 85-grain bullets of lead or jacketed design, which makes the 25-20 a nice small game and varmint cartridge.

Seldom seen in use today, the 25-20 Winchester has earned its place in the Cartridge Hall of Fame.