30-06 Springfield Ammunition

Cartridge Hall of Fame

The 30-06 Springfield was adopted by the United States Government in 1906, adapted from the earlier 30-03, the 30-06 was developed for the Model 1903 Springfield service rifle. It's considered a medium power cartridge generating over 3,100 foot-pounds of energy with heavier loads.

While today the cartridge is officially named the 30-06 Springfield, when first developed, it was designated ball cartridge 30 caliber model of 1906. The case is a bottleneck design with the shoulder being used to control headspace, making it ideal for smooth feeding in bolt action rifles.

Although developed as a military cartridge, the 30-06 Springfield has become one of the most successful commercial cartridges of all time, currently being chambered by nearly every firearms manufacturer. Loaded ammunition for the 30-06 is readily available with bullets weighing 110 to 220 grains.

Although probably the most famous US military rifle cartridge, today it's primarily used as a sporting cartridge, able to take any sized game in North America.

That's a brief look at the 30-06 Springfield. With over a hundred years of service, it's an easy entry into the Cartridge Hall of Fame.