30-30 Winchester Ammunition

Cartridge Hall of Fame

The 30-30 Winchester was America's first centerfire smokeless powder cartridge. Developed for the Model 1894 Winchester lever action, the 30-30 is a medium power cartridge, generating around 1,600 pounds of energy.

Originally designated the 30 Winchester Centerfire or WCF, Remington is credited as the first ammunition manufacturer to coin the term 30-30 Winchester. This refers to a 30 caliber bullet over 30 grains of bulk smokeless powder.

The rim of the cartridge controls headspace, which along with the generous taper, makes it ideal for lever action rifles. The most famous chambering for 30-30, was the Winchester Model 94, one of the most popular rifles in US history.

Ammunition is readily available with bullets from 125 to 170 grains. The 30-30 is thought of as a medium game cartridge and is still one of the most popular whitetail deer cartridges in the country.

With millions of lever action rifles in use today the future of the 30-30 Winchester looks very good. It truly belongs in the Cartridge Hall of Fame.