32-20 Winchester Ammunition

Cartridge Hall of Fame

The 32-20 Winchester Centerfire also known as the 32 WCF, was introduced in 1882 for the Model 1873 Winchester lever action rifle. A medium power cartridge, for target shooting and small game, it generates less than a thousand pounds of muzzle energy.

The 32-20 derives its name from the old convention of caliber with grains of powder, a 32 caliber bullet over 20 grains of black powder. The cartridge is of a rimmed bottleneck design, the rim is used to control headspace.

While first chambered in the Winchester 1873, it was also popular in a Winchester 92 lever action and the Colt Single Action Army. Originally loaded with black powder, it made the transition to smokeless powder in the 20th century. Current loadings are available with both 85 and 100-grain bullets. While originally used for small game and self-defense, today's use is mostly cowboy action and plinking.

Nearly as popular in the 21st century as it was in the 19th, the 32-20 Winchester deserves a place in the Cartridge Hall of Fame.