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Code Blue® continues to perfect scent technology with industry-leading products. The From One Deer to One Bottle® collection process is a breakthrough technique that guarantees the certified deer urine comes from a single deer rather than several, producing the purest, most potent scents. Premium scents are its specialty, but Code Blue carries a full line of synthetic and blended scents for every season and every budget to meet the different needs of all hunters. Combined with that is the human odor-eliminating D/CODE® line, featuring patented Silver Scent® technology, the most powerful scent eliminator available. Hunters who know where to go for advanced olfactory products choose Code Blue, the brand backed by science, proven by results. Code Blue is a proud member of the Responsible Hunting Scent Association’s Deer Protection Program (RHSA DPP) and fully committed to taking proactive steps to limit the potential of contributing to the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).