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  1. CRM-208

    Crimson Trace CMR 208 Weapon Light LED with 1 CR123A Battery Alumin...
    Crimson Trace CMR 208 Weapon Light LED with 1 CR123A Battery Aluminum Black
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    Lasergrips® remain the most decisive tactical advantage for handguns, changing the way gun owners approach personal protection. They offer what no other handgun accessory can: immediate targeting with a bright red or green laser beam when you hold your gun in a natural firing grip. This innovation, Instinctive Activation™, saves precious time when seconds count. Lasergrips are compatible with your favorite holster, feature a master on/off switch, provide 2 (green) to 4 (red) hours of battery life.

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    For more than 20 years, Crimson Trace has been known for revolutionary innovation. The Rail Master® was their first universal laser sighting system, and it quickly took the market by storm. Rail Master units provide a universal fit for rail-attached pistols, rifles and shotguns with Picatinny 1913 accessory rails, are user-installed in moments, and feature instant "tap-on / tap-off" activation.

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    Laserguard® is the best-in-class laser sight for compact and subcompact polymer framed pistols, and featuring the same Instinctive Activation™ technology as Lasergrips®. Laserguard mounts securely to the trigger guard, enhancing your ability to engage threats quickly and accurately in low light with a small-framed concealed carry handgun - usually equipped with small or non-existent iron sights. Laserguard is available in both red laser and green laser variants and is easily user-installed in moments.

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  6. Lasergrips, Rail Master & Laserguar
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Crimson Trace has led the laser sighting industry since 1994 with innovative products designed to enhance people’s ability to protect family, home and country. Just as no modern rifle is sold today without a scope, no personal protection handgun is fully equipped without a laser. Their goal is to make laser sighting systems Standard Equipment.

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