Hardline Rifle Scopes

Introducing the Crimson Trace Hardline Series of Rifle Scopes

The Hardline Breakdown

The HardlineTM Series of optics are packed with features. Below is a quick visual of different features available in each line.

List of features for Hardline Rifle Scopes
Crimson Trace Lifetime Warranty Logo

At Crimson Trace®, we back our scopes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. We stand strongly behind our products because we put them through some of the harshest tests in the industry. Crimson Trace® will repair or replace a damaged scope at no charge to you—whether you are the original owner or not.

No proof of ownership. No warranty cards. No time limits. It’s that simple.
Man holding Hardline Rifle Scope on a helicopter
Crimson Trace Scopes Feature Maxium Optic Clarity

Every Crimson Trace® Riflescope is fully multi-coated with our proprietary MOC lens coatings. These coatings are engineered to enhance performance in each series of Riflescopes. By optimizing the light that passes through the optical system, the resulting image is sharp, natural, and glare-free. Additionally, these coatings provide a protective armor against adverse environmental conditions the scope will experience through its service life.

What MOC does:
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Glare Reduction
  • Color Correction
  • Enhances Light Transmission
  • Increases Clarity & Resolution
  • Improves Low Light Performance
List of the best features on all Hardline Rifle Scopes

All Crimson Trace® scopes are engineered to withstand the most abusive and extreme conditions. Every CT scope has these best-in-class features.

Crimson Trace BDC .223/5.56 BDC Reticle

CT Custom Reticles

Each Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) reticle comes pre-calibrated with holdovers built for a specific caliber and ammunition. These diagrams and holdovers come in a reticle guide with each scope package. The Hardline™ and Hardline™ Pro scopes come with BDC, Caliber-Specific BDCs, Plex, and MOA/MIL reticles.

Featured: .223/5.56 BDC
Subtensions for yardages were calculated using the following variables. NOTE: All subtensions are calculated at MAX magnification.
  • Caliber: .223
  • Muzzle Velocity (fps): 3,165
  • Bullet Weight (gr): 55
  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1): 0.246
  • Zero Range (yd): 100
  • Temperature (F): 59°
  • Altitude (ft): 2,500
  • Scope Height Over Bore (in): 2.50
Subtension Yards MOA
A 200 0.99"
B 250 2.03"
C 300 3.28"
D 350 4.73"
E 400 6.38"
F 450 8.26"
G 500 10.37"
H 550 12.78"
I 600 15.50"

HardlineTM Reticles

Our Hardline™ reticles have years of study and design behind them. After consulting top experts in multiple fields, we have settled on 10 options that will enhance the shooting experience for enthusiasts of every discipline.

  • Crimson Trace BDC .223/5.56 Reticle CT BDC .223/5.56 Pre-calibrated: 223 Remington®
  • Crimson Trace BDC Blackout Reticle CT BDC Blackout Pre-Calibrated: .300 AAC BLACKOUT (subsonic & supersonic ammo)
  • Crimson Trace BDC Long Range Reticle CT BDC Long Range Pre-Calibrated: .308 Winchester®
  • Crimson Trace Plex Reticle CT Plex
  • Crimson Trace MR1-MIL Reticle CT mr1-mil range formula equations
  • Crimson Trace MR1-MOA Reticle CT mr1-moa range formula equations
  • Crimson Trace Mildot Reticle CT mildot range formula equations
  • Crimson Trace Competition Illuminated Reticle CT competition illuminated Pre-calibrated: .223 Remington®
  • Crimson Trace MR1-MIL Illuminated Reticle CT mr1-mil illuminated range formula equations
  • Crimson Trace MR1-MOA Illuminated Reticle CT mr1-moa illuminated range formula equations
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