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CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) has made a name for itself as a reputable manufacturer of high-quality knives and tools since its establishment in 1994. Founded by Rod Bremer, the company has been driven by a passion for innovation, craftsmanship, and functionality. CRKT collaborates with renowned designers and experts in the field to create a diverse range of knives and folding tools such as the Woods Chogan, Williams Defense Key, Freyr Axe, Razel Knife, and CEO Flipper. Their product offering includes everyday carry knives, tactical blades, outdoor tools, and specialty knives. Known for their innovative designs and cutting-edge features, CRKT knives often incorporate advanced opening mechanisms, ergonomic handles, and high-performance blade steels. Whether it's a reliable pocket knife for everyday tasks or a specialized tool for outdoor adventures, CRKT is dedicated to providing functional and dependable solutions for its Customers.