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Fenwick was founded in Kent, WA in 1952 by a group of five Seattle businessmen and avid fly fishermen. As homage to where everything started, the company was named after the lake there, Lake Fenwick. The company built a good reputation for itself early in Fly rods and developed rods like the Lunkerstick for bass fishing. Then in 1973, being the first to introduce an all-graphite rod, the now world-famous HMG, Fenwick was able to maintain that great reputation and stay in the forefront of the fishing industry. Today Fenwick offers a large line of market and technique-specific rods, combos, and apparel. Fenwick series include the Elite, HMG, Aetos, Eagle, etc. Fenwick continues to focus on technology to ensure they are always known as “the most thought-out fishing rods in the world” and always remain relative to their Customers. Every rod built is a lifelong contract with the end consumer to deliver a lifetime of satisfying fishing experiences.