Working at MidwayUSA

"At MidwayUSA, Employee Satisfaction is our #2 Operational Goal, right below Customer Satisfaction. We have a best-practice approach to learning what is important to our Employees and work on improving Employee satisfaction every day." --Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder, MidwayUSA

To understand what it is like to work at MidwayUSA, it’s important to understand Larry and Brenda Potterfield (founders). Larry and Brenda are both country kids from Missouri, who were raised with family values like honesty, integrity and respect for others. MidwayUSA has a strong culture built on these values, and we strive to maintain this culture with each and every Employee we add to our growing team.

Our Employees will tell you, the people they work with is one of the most positive things about working at MidwayUSA, and this is no accident. By hiring people who live our and embrace our , we have created a strong, cohesive team that works together to move MidwayUSA into the future. If you live your life by the same values we do, you should consider a career at MidwayUSA.