Gun Safety Videos for Hunters & Shooters

Gun Safety is Your Responsibility

Firearm safety, gun safety or hunter safety; it doesn’t matter which term you use. Firearm education is important for everyone who spends time around guns – whether as a collector, a shooter or a hunter.

MidwayUSA saw a need for short, well-focused safety videos to help people learn how to safely be around and use firearms. The primary purpose of these videos is to serve as a tool for instructors who are teaching the safe handling and use of firearms. Each video teaches one or more gun safety rules.

You can play them right here from our website or download to your computer for use in remote locations. While copyright laws cover these videos, we encourage you to use them to teach firearm safety, free of charge.

These videos are not intended to replace live instruction in the classroom or in the field, but rather to support it. Each short video teaches one or more gun safety rules and the titles are descriptive of the rule or rules taught. We recommend you review each in advance and incorporate them into your lesson plan, as appropriate. It works very well to verbally present a rule, reinforce it with one of these safety videos, and then lead a discussion about the gun safety rule(s) presented. Often the discussion will lead to the need to replay the video, or one of the earlier videos.

4 Rules of Gun Safety

  1. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction

  2. Keep your finger away from the trigger

  3. Make sure it's unloaded

  4. Keep it on safety