Dealer Information

Over time, our industry and business have changed dramatically. In order to offer great Customer service and low prices, we must become increasingly efficient and focused. Therefore, on January 1, 2014, we are inviting all of our dealer Customers to become retail Customers.

While it may not sound like that is a positive change, it really is. As time has passed, the separation between dealer and retail pricing has narrowed to the point where the prices are predominantly the same. Dealer Customers are also excluded from taking advantage of promotional codes and the Free Shipping available on thousands of products. These restrictions are not in place for retail Customers, which frequently makes overall costs for retail Customers lower than those for dealer Customers.

Many of our previous dealer Customers have already recognized the benefits of becoming retail Customers and have made the switch. We’re confident you will be pleased with this change as well. The change to your account will be seamless to you on January 1, so there is no need for you to take any action. You will no longer need to update your FFL on file, and if you are tax exempt, we will continue to honor that status.

Please know that everything we do is intended to be in the very best interest of our Customers, and that we really appreciate your business.