Sales Tax

Sales Tax will be added to the total price of your order for two reasons:

  1. The address where you plan to receive your order is in the State of Missouri.
  2. The address where you plan to be billed for the order is in the State of Missouri.

If both addresses are located outside of the State of Missouri, no sales tax will be added.

For tax-exempt Customers located in or shipping to Missouri, MidwayUSA must have a copy of your Missouri Sales/Use Tax Exemption Certificate Form DOR 149 on file with us before you place your order, or we are required by the Missouri Department of Revenue to collect the Missouri State Sales Tax at the rate effective at the time the order is processed. The Missouri Department of Revenue Form DOR 149 can be found at:

We cannot refund sales tax collected on sales prior to receiving the signed Exemption Certificate.

NOTE: If you know that you should not be charged Sales Tax and it is being added to your order, please contact us.