Free Shipping FAQ

How does the Free Shipping Program work?

The shipping cost for the order is based on the cost to ship the Free Shipping item, as if it were the only item on the order. Then, the incremental costs to ship the other items are added to the order. Shipping costs are calculated by the carrier and are based on the weight and size of the package, and the distance it must be shipped. For items which are not eligible for Free Shipping, we have a $1.00 minimum Shipping charge.

What is "Standard Ground" Shipping?

Standard ground shipping is defined as the most economical method available to a Customer's delivery address. This is based upon a shipping quote that we receive from our carriers at the time you place your order. Depending upon your location, Standard Ground could mean USPS delivery or UPS delivery.

What if my order contains some products that qualify for Free Shipping and some that don't?

Example 1:
Your order contains 1 item: A scope which is eligible for free shipping.

In this case, the order ships free - no charge for shipping.

Example 2:
Your order contains 2 ietms: A scope which is eligible for free shipping and a knife that is not.

Assume the cost to ship the scope by itself is $10. The knife can fit in the same box with the scope, so in this case adding the knife to the package does not increase the size of the package, and we'll assume that the knife does not increase the weight enough to reach the next weight class. In this case, the entire order ships free - no additional charge for shipping.

Example 3:
Your order contains 2 items: A scope and a brick of 22LR ammunition.

The scope is eligible for free shipping. The 22LR Ammo fits in in the same box as with the scope, but the additional weight of the ammo increases the total weight of the package up to the next shipping class. Assuming the shipping cost for the scope by itself would be $10, adding the ammunition bumps the total shipping cost to $15. Since the scope is a free shipping item, the shipping cost added to your order is only $5.00.

Total Shipping Cost: $15.00
Subtract the Calculated Shipping Cost for the Free Shipping Item: -$10.00
Total Shipping cost added to your order: $5.00

In effect, the calculated cost of shipping the Free Shipping item by itself becomes a credit (discount) on your order against the total cost of shipping the entire package.

What if my order requires two packages to ship?

The package with the Free Shipping item will ship as if it were a single package order containing a Free Shipping item (see examples 1 and 2 above). Any additional packages will be subject to standard calculated shipping costs as if there were no free shipping items on your order.

If my order has more than one package, how do you decide which items will go in a box?

When you complete your order, either on the web or via phone, our system determines the smallest possible box in which to pack your items, based on the height, length, and width of each item you purchased. This helps to minimize the overall shipping costs as well as to protect your items during shipment by minimizing shifting of the products within the box during transportation. This package assignment is made as soon as you complete your order.

If I order two items which are eligible for Free Shipping, can you put one in each box to reduce the shipping cost?

Since the box designations are made when you place your order, there is no opportunity for one of our Customer Service Reps to "custom" pack any of the orders.

If my item is eligible for Free Ground Shipping, can I upgrade to a faster delivery method and apply my Free Ground Shipping as a discount?

At this time, we do not have the ability to apply any Free Ground Shipping as a credit to a faster delivery method, such as Next Day Air. You may choose to upgrade, but all standard charges will apply.

If I need to return a product that is currently eligible for Free Shipping, but was not eligible when I made the purchase, will I be able to get a refund on my shipping costs

We are able to track whether a product was eligible for free shipping at the time of your order. In some cases, our policy does provide for the refund of shipping costs, and in those cases we are able to make sure that your shipping costs are refunded if they were applied at the time of purchase.

If my item is eligible for Free Shipping, but costs under $25.00, do I still have to pay the Small Order Fee?

Yes - the Small Order Fee is independent of Shipping Costs and would still apply if your total order value is less than $25.00.

How can I tell if an item is eligible for Free Shipping?

Just look for the Free Shipping icon. If you are ordering by phone, our Customer Service Representatives will also tell you when an item you have ordered is eligible for Free Shipping.

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