How can I make my password stronger?

When creating a new password:

  • Increase the number of characters
    • Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, but can be longer
  • Use different kinds of characters
    • You can use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols
  • Numbers and symbols can be added a password, or may replace letters
    • For example, change "Growling" to "Gro*wling6"
  • Consider using phrases of common, unrelated words for your password
    • For example, "jungle present share owner"
  • Try making up a sentence about your password to help you remember it better
    • For example, "My best friends in college were Larry and Tom" could be translated into a password as "MbficwL&T"


  • Repeating patterns of characters ("m9m9" or "zzz")
  • Sequential numbers or keyboard patterns ("123" or "zxcv")
  • Variations of your name, birthdate, or other information that could be found on the internet or stored on your computer
  • Words that are spelled backwards ("gnidaoler" or "liatetihw")
  • Passwords that are reused for other important accounts

Keep your password secure:

  • Avoid sending your password over a text message or by email
  • Don't share your password with other people
  • Consider updating your password at least every six months
  • Remember that MidwayUSA employees will NEVER ask you for your account password
  • Never write down your password, simply assign a new password if you forget