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Licenses for Restricted Products by State

Some states require documentation for purchasing products like ammunition and air guns. Below is a list of the documents required by each state to purchase restricted products. You can upload your documentation to MidwayUSA in the Licenses & Documents section of your account or during the checkout process. To learn more, see How to Upload State/Federal Licenses for Restricted Products.

Note: If uploading a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to purchase restricted products, you must be the license holder and the product(s) must ship to the exact address listed on your license.


You do not need to be an FFL Dealer to purchase a firearm; however all firearm purchases must be shipped to an FFL Dealer, and we are required to have the dealer’s documentation on file. You can see all of the dealers in our system and their status in our FFL Dealer Locator.

If you are an FFL Dealer and would like to upload your license to ship firearm purchases to your dealership, you can do that via the methods listed above or through our FFL Dealer – Firearm Transfer Program.

For more information about state/local restrictions see State/Local Restrictions for Buying Guns



  • Federal Firearms License


  • Ammunition Eligibility Certificate and Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Pistol Eligibility Certificate and Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Long Gun Eligibility Certificate and Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Permit to sell a Pistol or Revolver at Retail and Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Concealed Carry Permit and Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)


  • FOID Card and State-Issued ID
  • CCL and State-Issued ID
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)

Louisiana (New Orleans)

  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)


  • License to Carry
  • FID (Firearms ID)
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)

New Jersey:

  • Firearms Purchase ID
  • Permit to Purchase a Handgun
  • Permit to Carry a Handgun
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)

New York:

  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)

Rhode Island:

  • Pistol/revolver safety certificate

Washington D.C.

  • Firearms Registration Certificate
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)

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