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MidwayUSA Gift Certificates

Redeeming your MidwayUSA Gift Certificate

In order to redeem your MidwayUSA Gift Certificate, you must have at least one in-stock item in your order. You can not use a MidwayUSA Gift Certificate for items that are on backorder.

  1. Visit to begin shopping.

  2. Once all of the items you'd like to purchase are in your Shopping Cart, begin the checkout process by clicking on the “Begin Checkout" button in the Shopping Cart.

  3. Advance through the Checkout until you reach the “Payment” section.

  4. In the Payment section, click “Add Gift Certificate” and enter the Invoice # and the Certificate # of your Gift Certificate.

  5. Up to the amount of the Gift Certificate will be deducted from your order total.

  6. If the order total is less than the gift certificate balance, the remaining balance of the gift card will be credited to your account as Midway Money (store credit).

NOTE:  Midway Money (store credit) balances can be seen on the Payment Options section of Your Account.

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