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Package Tracking Unavailable

MidwayUSA uses a variety of shipping partners and services so we can get your packages to you quickly at the lowest price possible. There are a couple of different scenarios which can cause a tracking number to not be available and in most cases is no reason for concern. Here are the two most common reasons a tracking number may not be available:

  1. Your package was shipped via a shipping service which does not provide a tracking number, for example First Class Mail. In this instance, your order confirmation will alert you that your order shipped First Class Mail and no tracking number is available. This is perfectly normal and occurs frequently. USPS First Class mail has an extremely high deliverability rate and should be no cause for concern.
  2. Your order confirmation includes a tracking number, but when you click on the tracking number you see something similar to the following: package tracking unavailable

This is no cause for alarm. MidwayUSA has a bank of tracking numbers it uses to assign to packages. When we ship a package, we assign the tracking number as the label is printed, just before the package goes on the truck to leave MidwayUSA. If your package has a tracking number assigned, it has been picked, pulled, packed and shipped by MidwayUSA. If you see a message like the one above, it typically means the package, while assigned and registered at MidwayUSA, has not yet been activated in our Shipping Partner’s system. In most cases, tracking numbers assigned by MidwayUSA become active the same day they are assigned. However, occasionally it takes up to 48 hours before a tracking number might show up as active. This is common and is no cause for concern. If you are unable to see tracking information associated with the tracking number we provided AFTER 48 hours have passed, please contact us and we will be happy to follow-up for you.

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