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In 1945, a secret factory was built below a small farm community outside Tel-Aviv. Israel was under British occupation at the time, and Jews were prohibited from having arms and ammunition. The workers in the factory made more than 2.5 million copper bullets by hand, ensuring the success of Israeli independence in 1949. The underground factory became Israeli Military Industries, and later on: IMI Systems. To this day, the primary focus is still the safety and security of Israel and it’s allies. While not a NATO member, all IMI ammunition meets all NATO ammunition requirements and provides ammunition to a number of NATO countries. MidwayUSA offers a variety of IMI ammunition, from 5.56x45mm M193, M855, and Razor Core match for AR-15s, to 7.62x51mm M80 and M118LR. Also available is Di-Cut 9mm hollow point pistol ammo. Throughout its history, IMI has always known human lives and freedom are always on the line, so its commitment to quality is evident in its motto: “Shooting with the best!”