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Irish Setter is a renowned footwear brand specializing in hunting boots. The brand was established in 1950 by the Red Wing Shoe Company in Red Wing, Minnesota. Inspired by the Irish Setter breed of hunting dogs known for their agility and endurance, the brand aimed to create boots that offered superior performance in the field. Irish Setter quickly gained popularity among hunters for its durable construction and advanced technologies. In 1960, the brand introduced its iconic "Red Russet" leather, known for its distinctive appearance and ruggedness. Over the years, Irish Setter expanded its product line to include various hunting boot styles, like the Elk Tracker, Wingshooter, VaprTrek, and Trailblazer incorporating features like waterproofing, insulation, and advanced traction. Today, Irish Setter remains a trusted choice for hunters, offering top-quality boots that combine comfort, durability, and functionality in the great outdoors.