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Jackall was founded by Japanese lure designer Seiji Kato and tournament angler Ty Ono in 1999. Jackall Lures is a Japanese-based manufacturer known for innovative and highly sought-after designs. From the first product, the three-inch cross-tail shad, to the very latest - quality, innovation, and helping anglers catch more fish are the top priorities of the brand. Jackall’s offering includes hard baits, soft baits, buzz and spinner baits, and jigs, with series including Deracoup, TN, Bounty Fish, Rerange, iProp, Pompadour, Gantarel, Kaera, Flick Shake, etc. Seiji Kato's goal of creating lures with a more natural action, material, and undulation has been realized in all the Jackall designs. Anglers should be confident every time they hit the water knowing these products are meticulously designed and torture tested before being released.