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Keen's philosophy is to create innovative and versatile footwear for outdoor adventures. Founded in 2003 by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst in Alameda, California, Keen gained attention with the introduction of their signature sandal, the Newport, which combined the protection of a shoe with the breathability of a sandal. This unique design resonated with outdoor enthusiasts and helped establish Keen as a leading footwear brand. Keen expanded its product line to include hiking boots, casual shoes, and work boots, all known for their durability and comfort. MidwayUSA carries several of their popular models like the Durand, Targhee, Pyrenees, Circadia, and more! The brand also prioritizes sustainability, using environmentally friendly materials and implementing initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. Today, Keen continues to be a popular choice for those seeking functional and sustainable footwear for outdoor activities.