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Klymit has had a significant impact in the outdoor gear and camping equipment industry since its establishment in 2007. The company was founded by outdoor enthusiasts with a vision to create innovative and comfortable gear for outdoor adventures. Klymit's core product offering focuses on sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and tents designed to enhance outdoor comfort and performance. Klymit also offers a range of accessories like pillows, hammocks, and camp chairs to complement their sleep systems. Their products are characterized by their lightweight construction, compactness, and advanced insulation technologies. Products like the V Recon Sleeping Pad, KSB Sleeping Bag, Drift Camp Pillow, and Cross Canyon Tent are built to keep you as comfortable as you are at home, outdoors. With their dedication to innovation and comfort, Klymit continues to provide outdoor enthusiasts with reliable and high-performance gear that enables them to rest and recharge for their outdoor pursuits.