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Lee Precision began in 1958 with Richard Lee’s invention of the Lee Loader for shotgun shells. Shortly thereafter, Lee loaders for rifle and pistol ammunition were released, and in the years since, these economical tools have introduced millions of shooters to reloading. The 1970s brought bullet casting molds and the 1980s brought Lee presses and dies with innovative features not found on competing units. Over 60 years later, Lee is still family owned and producing affordable, quality reloading tools that are guaranteed for life. MidwayUSA offers a full complement of Lee Precision reloading dies, single stage presses, turret presses, progressive presses, bullet molds, powder scales, lead furnaces, bullet sizers, bullet lube, case trimmers, and many other reloading accessories. Some of their most popular models include the Pro 6000 Progressive Press, the Pro 4 Furnace, the Auto Drum Powder Measure, and the Classic 4 Hole Turret Press.