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For over 30 years, Luminox has been a trusted name in precision timekeeping. Born in the rugged landscapes of the Swiss Alps, our watches are meticulously crafted to meet the demanding needs of professionals and adventurers alike. At the heart of every Luminox timepiece lies our trademarked Luminox Light Technology (LLT), a revolutionary illumination system that ensures unmatched visibility in any condition. By utilizing tiny gas capsules that emit a self-powered light, our watches deliver constant illumination for up to 25 years. Luminox’s commitment to innovation and functionality has made Luminox the watch of choice for elite military units, law enforcement professionals, and extreme sports enthusiasts. Today, their offering consists of quality watches and straps such as the Navy Seal, Pacific Diver, and Leatherback. Whether it's deep underwater or in complete darkness, you can rely on Luminox to keep you on time, every time. Luminox Watches – Always Visible. Always Reliable.