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Modlite is a well-known name in weapon lights and illumination systems and has gained recognition for its high-performance lighting solutions. Modlite has made significant strides in the industry due to its commitment to innovation and quality. The company's core product offering includes a range of powerful and durable weapon lights designed to meet the demands of military, law enforcement, and civilian users. Modlite's products are characterized by their compact size, high output, and advanced features such as multiple brightness levels, intuitive controls, and long battery life. Their product offering includes PL350-PLHv2 and PL350-OKW weapon lights, as well as the PLHv2-18650 handheld light. Aside from their lights, Modlite also offers batteries, mounts, holsters, and accessories. With their focus on excellence in design and manufacturing, Modlite continues to gain a loyal following among professionals and enthusiasts who rely on their lighting solutions for critical tasks.