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Founded by Swedish immigrant Oscar Frederick Mossberg in 1919, Mossberg has been manufacturing reliable firearms for the working class for over 100 years. Mossberg started with the .22 caliber Brownie Pistol and exploded into one of the most popular firearm manufacturers on the market. In 1962, Mossberg released the legendary Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun and has since released many other popular shotgun and rifle models like the 590, 835, and Patriot. Today, Mossberg offers a full line of shotguns, rifles, and pistols to fit the needs of hunters, precision shooters, tactical shooters, and law enforcement. MidwayUSA carries all of Mossberg’s most popular shotguns in pump-action, semi-auto, and break-action, bolt action and semi-auto rifles, and semi-auto pistols. We also carry parts and accessories for popular models that include barrels, sights, magazines, choke tubes, and more. Mossberg is still family-owned, family-operated, and committed to offering “more gun for the money.”