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Mr. Heater was founded in the 1980's and has established itself as a leading brand in the heating industry. The company initially focused on manufacturing portable heaters for residential and commercial use. Over the years, Mr. Heater expanded its product line and evolved into a comprehensive heating solutions provider. Their core product offering includes an wide selection of heaters, catering to various heating needs, such as propane, natural gas, kerosene, and electric heaters. Mr. Heater offers a variety of heaters and accessories such as the Buddy Flex Portable Heater, Base Camp Angle Iron 2 Burner Stove, and the Radiant Propane Cabinet Heater. These heaters are known for their exceptional quality and advanced safety features, providing Customers with reliable warmth and comfort in both indoor and outdoor settings. Mr. Heater's commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as a top brand in the heating industry.