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MSR, which stands for Mountain Safety Research, is an acclaimed outdoor equipment company with a rich history. Founded in 1969 by Larry Penberthy, the company began as a small operation based in Seattle, Washington, focused on developing reliable mountaineering equipment. MSR quickly gained recognition for its innovative products designed to enhance safety and performance in extreme outdoor environments. Today, MSR's core product offering encompasses a wide range of outdoor equipment, including lightweight tents, backpacks, cookware, water filters, camp stoves, and trekking poles. Their products are known for their durability, functionality, and attention to detail, making MSR a trusted brand among outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers around the world. MidwayUSA offers popular MSR products such as Aquatabs, Miniworks, PocketRocket, Elixir, and FreeLite. With a focus on research, design, and field testing, MSR continues to push the boundaries of outdoor gear technology.