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Otto Henze founded PENN in 1932 with the dream of producing the world’s highest quality fishing tackle. He started out in a 3rd floor loft in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and didn’t actually start selling to the general public until 1933. From one of the first 3 reels, Sea Hawk, Bayside, and Longbeach, to the most famous “Senator” reel in 1936, or to today’s newest product, Penn has remained at the forefront of modern reel design and production. Today Penn has an extensive product offering, including reels, rods, combos, tools, knives, accessories, and apparel in series like Authority, Rival, Squall, Clash, Fathom, Fierce, Pursuit, Battle, Prevail, Battalion, Rampage, Warfare, Slammer, International, etc. Penn offers something for everyone. Let the battle begin.