Industry Leaders Donate $152,900 to Whitetails Unlimited Firearms Program

Industry Leaders Donate $152,900 to Whitetails Unlimited Firearms Program by MidwayUSA
Columbia, MO -

As more youth become involved in the shooting sports industry, the need for proper firearm safety education becomes essential. Thanks to a recent donation of $152,900 from MidwayUSA owners Larry and Brenda Potterfield,youth all across the country are learning the safe way to handle firearmsthrough various programs offered by Whitetails Unlimited (WTU).

As more youth get introduced to shooting and hunting, ingraining them with the basic fundamentals of firearm safety is a goal for youth organizations all across the country. Whitetails Unlimited has developed programs and shootingteams for youth that in the past year alone have been responsible for introducing over 16,000 youth to the shooting sports.

"Brenda and I love helping organizations who truly want to affect the future of our youth," said founder and CEO Larry Potterfield. "Whitetails Unlimited is a very community oriented organization and we know that our support will help them educate youth on safe handling and safe use of firearms, which is exactly what we want!"

The WTU programs are designed to increase participation in the shooting sports by encouraging WTU members to invite youth to go shooting at their local ranges. The programs also provide chapters opportunities to continue the WTU mission of educating youth on ethical hunting practices.

"MidwayUSA sets the benchmark when it comes to assisting youth in acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to improve their marksmanship and safely enjoy shooting," saidWTU President Jeff Schinkten. "Their continued support for Kids on Target confirms that WTU is on the right track when it comes to honing a young person's shooting abilities."

Beth Cowgill
MidwayUSA Public Relations