MidwayUSA Announces Six Employees as Missouri Quality Award Examiners

by MidwayUSA
Columbia, MO -

MidwayUSA, a catalog and Internet retailer offering Just About Everything® for Shooting, Reloading and Gunsmithing, announced today the selection of six MidwayUSA employees as Examiners or Senior Examiners for the Missouri Quality Award (MQA) from the Excellence in Missouri Foundation (EIMF).

The EIMF was established in 1992 to generate performance excellence among all Missouri organizations and drive higher levels of quality in Missouri produced goods and services.  The EIMF follows the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program management philosophy, which is the most successful and widely used approach to leading and managing an organization available in the United States and throughout the world today.  The program consists of two components - Education & Training and Organizational Assessment.

Four MidwayUSA employees – Joel Felten, Matt Fleming, Eric Harbour and Sarah Morrow– were selected as Examiners to participate in the Organizational Assessments for other Missouri organizations during the 2006 calendar year.  Additionally, two MidwayUSA employees – Linda Bounds and Stan Frink– were selected as Senior Examiners to lead separate Organizational Assessments.

"MidwayUSA is a learning organization and we strongly support the idea of continuous improvement," said Larry Potterfield, president of MidwayUSA.  "I congratulate these six MidwayUSA employees on their selection as Examiners or Senior Examiners.  Their participation in this process will better enable MidwayUSA to serve our customers."
According to Sarah Morrow, Human Resource Manager at MidwayUSA, this selection is a great opportunity for the individual and their employers to learn more about best practices and quality management.  "This has been a unique opportunity to go through the training process," said Morrow.  "Our training has provided us with the skills and tools to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement within an organization.  This summer, we will be able to put these skills and tools to use helping other Missouri organizations.  Going forward, we will also be able to take these skills and tools back to MidwayUSA to enable us to serve our customers better."

These six MidwayUSA employees are some of the top members of the management team at MidwayUSA.  They will use their training in the Baldrige National Quality Program criteria to assess and provide constructive feedback to other Missouri organizations through the third quarter, in addition to their current responsibilities at MidwayUSA.  As examiners, they will assist in creating feedback that will help Missouri organizations drive improvement.