MidwayUSA Brings on Bolt Action Reloading

MidwayUSA brings on Bolt Action Reloading by MidwayUSA
Columbia, MO -

MidwayUSA is pleased to announce Bolt Action Reloading as the latest addition to their roster of brand ambassadors. B.A.R. joins a growing sponsorship list of accomplished shooters, hunters, and fishermen, including 9-Hole Reviews, Banana Ballistics, Scott Linden, Outdoors Allie, Magic Prepper, Jared Mills, Midwest Whitetail, Mark Rose, Brandon Palaniuk, and more.

"Being interested in shooting, hunting, and reloading, MidwayUSA has been a go-to destination for supplies,” said Bolt Action Reloading. “Whether I was looking for ammo, hunting equipment, a replacement spring for my Sig P220, or endless amounts of reloading gear, MidwayUSA had what I needed. So, I was honored when they reached out to discuss a potential partnership. Helping others learn to become better reloaders has always been my mission. I am excited for the opportunity to share my passion for shooting and reloading with other MidwayUSA Customers.”

Bolt Action Reloading is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people better understand the reloading process and achieve their shooting goals. The goal of the channel is to share the information and lessons learned at the reloading bench and at the shooting range. Everything from the basic steps of reloading, understanding how barrel twist affects bullet stability, and the tools that make the process easier are covered. In 2019, after one too many frustrating hunting experiences, B.A.R. started down the path of creating better ammo as well as becoming a better shooter overall. Not only has he enjoyed greater success hunting, but in 2022 he was able to reach his goal of not only getting impacts on steel out to a mile but helping others to do the same.

“I’m excited to have Bolt Action Reloading representing MidwayUSA,” said Adam Augustine, VP of eCommerce at MidwayUSA. “The informative, engaging content B.A.R. is producing for our Customers will help new reloaders get started and should teach even the most seasoned reloader a few new tricks.”

For more about Bolt Action Reloading, please visit the Brand Ambassador page on midwayusa.com: https://www.midwayusa.com/brand-ambassadors/bolt-action-reloading.

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