MidwayUSA Introduces New MidwayUSA Brand Shotgun Sling

MidwayUSA Introduces New MidwayUSA Brand Shotgun Sling by MidwayUSA
Columbia, MO -

MidwayUSA is excited to announce the latest edition to their line of branded products - the MidwayUSA Shotgun Sling with 15-Round Shellholder.

The MidwayUSA Shotgun Sling (#337-917) is an excellent way to carry yourshotgun and spare shotgun shells. This sling is a great accessory for target shooters and hunters alike.

The heavy-duty nylon sling is adjustable from 36" to 52" and measures
2" wide. The coated sling swivel links make the MidwayUSA Shotgun slingimpervious to the elements. The elastic shell loops hold an additional 15 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition with the gun at all times. Plus, the spring-gated, snap link sling swivels make attaching and detaching quick and easy to standard sling swivels (sold separately).

Already have a sling for your shotgun? No problem. This sling also doubles as a strap for your shotgun case.

For more information about our branded products, be sure to view all the MidwayUSA Branded products at https://www.midwayusa.com/brand/midwayusa today!

Beth Cowgill
MidwayUSA Public Relations