MidwayUSA Upgrades Online GunTec Dictionary

MidwayUSA Upgrades Online GunTec Dictionary by MidwayUSA
Columbia, MO -

MidwayUSA, a catalog and Internet retailer and wholesaler with Just About Everything® for Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing and Optics, has upgraded the GunTec Dictionary, a valuable section on MidwayUSA's website to help consumers understand gun-related terms and products.

MidwayUSA's GunTec Dictionary contains over 5,300 terms and definitions - 3,000 more than any shooting sports industry dictionary previously produced.  Since the original launch of the online dictionary, the application has been used more than one hundred thousand times.

"In January of 2006, we launched the original version of GunTec Dictionary on our website," said Adam Ray, general manager of the GunTec Division at MidwayUSA.  "From the beginning, we thought there was a need for a comprehensive online dictionary of gun-related terms.  The initial version we placed on the website was good, but we've added a few new features based on feedback we received from users."

The enhanced version of the GunTec Dictionary allows users to search for specific terms and browse by category - important requests received from users.  Future releases are planned to allow for the linking of pictures and other media to terms and the ability for users to suggest new terms or request more information.

"One of our missions at MidwayUSA is to support the industry," said Larry Potterfield, founder and president of MidwayUSA.  "We identified a need for this type of dictionary several years ago for our internal use.  Once we developed the content, we thought we should place it online for everyone to use.  We think the application and the planned upgrades meet MidwayUSA's mission for supporting the industry."

Clicking the GunTec Dictionary link on MidwayUSA's website takes the user to an easy-to-navigate, alphabetical listing of gun related terms such as "ballistic coefficient", "keyholding", "frizzen" and "wind doping" with short, easy-to-understand definitions of each term.