MidwayUSA Website Features New Product Gallery View

MidwayUSA Website Features New Product Gallery View by MidwayUSA
Columbia, MO -

As more Customers turn to the internet to make purchases, MidwayUSA has made another major improvement to its website that creates a more attractive, easier and faster way to shop – the Gallery View.

With the new Gallery ViewCustomers can quickly scan several product pictures at one time, hover over each for additional information, easily add items to their mini-cart and continue shopping. This is particularly helpful when looking at categories of products such as targetst-shirtsbootspants,knives, etc.

"Over the past few months, we've made several changes to our site," said Vice President of eCommerce Adam Ray. "This new Gallery Viewwill make the shopping experience quicker and easier. I love it and I think our Customers will too!"

Technical Information Specialists have also been working hard updating product text to ensure Customers have plenty of information to make better informed buying decisions, one of the many ways MidwayUSA continuously improves for the benefit of its Customers.

To access this new feature, click the grid-like button (see photo) while viewing any
search or browse results.

Beth Cowgill
MidwayUSA Public Relations