MidwayUSA Wins the Titan Award

Titan Award by MidwayUSA
Columbia, MO -

The Titan Award, presented by Columbia Business Times (CBT) in Columbia, MO, recognizes educators, philanthropists, financiers, dealmakers and employers who have made a significant difference within their community. For an employer to be considered a "Titan", they must both "employ and manage people in an orderly, respectful and mutually beneficial manner, and they strive to ensure a harmonious and productive relationship in the workplace".

"MidwayUSA was nominated and selected to receive this award by the owners, managers and editors of the CBT, and representatives of the local business community," says Dave Baugher, Co-Owner of the CBT. "Larry Potterfield has created a "Great Place to Work" at MidwayUSA because he is dedicated to his employees. By creating a positive work environment, offering good benefits and profit sharing, MidwayUSA employees are just as proud of the company's success as Larry himself."

Late in 2011, MidwayUSA was also chosen to be one of Columbia's Best Places to Work. The focus on Employee Satisfaction, the Number Two company goal (right behind Customer Satisfaction), allows the company to create opportunities for improvement for the employees through a key requirements list. Some of these requirements include good salary, job security, good benefits and communication.

"MidwayUSA is fortunate to be full of high-performing, extremely engaged Employees," says Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA. "At MidwayUSA, Employees are highly valued and treated extremely well. Having great Employees that fit our culture and share our values who perform at such high levels is what makes us so successful. Having a great mission, vision and values and great processes is what provides the framework for our Performance Excellence."

For more information about the Titan Awards and the CBT, visit their website or call  573-499-1830.

About MidwayUSA

MidwayUSA (https://www.midwayusa.com) is a family-owned catalog and internet retailer specializing in JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING® for Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing and Hunting. Now celebrating our 35th Anniversary, Larry and Brenda Potterfield turned their passion for shooting sports into a career in 1977 by opening a small retail firearms store that would eventually become MidwayUSA. MidwayUSA is still owned by the Potterfield Family and Customer Satisfaction is still our Number One Goal.